Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunday, Aug 1

We are going to spend a little time visiting tourist attractions in Edinburgh. The first one, and most important to Alex is the Elephant House where J.K. Rowling began writing the Harry Potter novels.

A sign in the window and a small painting is all there is to mark the fact. While sitting at a table with a coffee Alex is thrilled to learn that This Is The Very Table She Sat At! (I am THRILLED beyond belief.)

Alex stays for a while and I wander off to take some pictures and see if I can find something nice with the family crest on it. The Boyd clan is not a top tier clan and it is somewhat difficult to locate stuff. Eventually I find a shot glass, but not the sweater I was hoping for.
I end the afternoon at a place called Rutlands Bar. This was a favorite hangout for wild nights during my corporate life. It has undergone a big makeover, going upscale with the second floor now more of a restaurant than a bar. They probably got tired of all the rowdies who frequented the place back in my day.
Tonight we go to a completely vegetarian restaurant. Oh Joy! So many choices. It has been so long I have forgotten what it was like to have good veggie food.
A couple more scotches in the hotel bar and we call it a night.

About the images:
1. The Elephant House.
2. Edinburgh during the day.

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