Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday, July 31

After only a couple of hours of sleep I get up, pack and check out. I drag my stuff over to Alex’s hotel and we have breakfast together. A big improvement over the food at St. Chad’s.
Today we are taking the train from Durham to Edinburgh. It is (another) grey day so we don’t mind the several hour train ride.
We have to wait for our room to be ready and Alex’s immediately goes off to the nearest Starbucks. I wander around for a while; refamiliarizing myself with a city I used to go to on a regular basis during my corporate days.

Soon enough our room is ready. A large room with a king size bed, en suite bath, heated towel rack, etc. Ahh, what luxury! I take a nap for several hours.

We go out to dinner at an Indian restaurant I always liked and then go back to the hotel. The hotel bar has 250+ kinds of scotch and we are going to have a tasting. One of the flights is called “A taste of Speyside” and I get that one, as this is the area we are going to be in for the next several days. We have several good scotches, taking notes as we go. The last one is from a distillery called Edradour, one I haven’t heard of. It is very good and I am excited when I discover it is list of places we are going to visit.

About the images:

1. Edinburgh Castle during the day.
2. The castle in the late evening light.

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