Friday, August 6, 2010

Monday, Aug 2

On to Inverness today. At the last minute the railroad changes the equipment they are going to use for the run to Inverness and the train is packed and all seat reservations are canceled. Chaos ensues. There is not enough room for all the luggage but safety regulations must be followed and the poor porter spends nearly an hour trying to get it all organized. It is not a pleasant ride.
A short cab ride takes us to our B&B, a lovely house alongside the River Ness. (Yes that Ness. It is the only river that drains out of Loch Ness. We took a boat tour of the Loch many years ago and will not be trying to find Nessie on this trip.) The river is wide, shallow and fast moving. It is also popular with fly fisherman. It used to be full of salmon, but over fishing has severely reduced their numbers and fishing for salmon is now highly regulated.
I do a quick walkabout to see the center of town, and then it’s off to dinner. Generally, a quiet night.

About the image:
The River Ness from outside our B&B.

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