Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesday, July 27

Another fine day for digging. Peter has become increasingly interested in what we are finding in our pit and is spending more time with us. At one point he actually spends about half an hour digging next to us and actually cleans up after himself. We all get much amusement out of this.
While cleaning at one edge of our pit I find another coin. This one is much smaller than the one I found last week and is more typical of what we have been finding across the whole site. Teddy the Younger works in a coin shop and has been keeping tabs on the number of coins we have found this season – now nearing 700! This is a huge quantity and likely means there was a hoard upended by the plowing that has gone on across the site for several hundred years and scattered the coins across the site.
Late in the afternoon it has become clear that we need to remove the large land bridge separating the two halves of the pit. Jonathon and I spend the last hour working hard and fast to take out about 30% of the bridge, leaving us quite tired at the end of the day. Unfortunately, our hard work reveals nothing new about how the two halves relate to each other. It also prevents me from doing any additional work on “My Thing”.
During the day, one of the Stanford leaders decides its time to include me in the boy/girl drama that has been going on in my house. As the drama is between two of the four supervisors it is having an impact on the management of two houses and means that I am the only “adult” remaining in my house. Oh joy.

About the image:

My digging partner Jonathon. i have no idea how the two guys with the longest hair ended up working together.

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