Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday, Aug 6
Today trains. First from Pitlochry to York. A quick change in York for Manchester Airport. In York we get on the wrong train, as the one prior to ours is late leaving. However, we are not the only ones confused and we all manage to find seats.

We arrive at the Airport and check into our hotel. Alex decides to rest for a while so I make the requisite trip to the Hard Rock CafĂ© in Manchester. Arriving in Manchester I don’t recognize anything, although I was here a few years ago. Deciding to take a cab turns out to be a good idea as I am completely turned around and would never have found the place on my own. I must have come into a different train station the first time.
Arriving at the HRC I find I don’t recognize that either. They have closed the casino and completely remodeled the interior. I have my drink, buy a pin and take a cab back to the station, driven by an Indian driver who is too curious about life in California. Back at the hotel I try to repack a little for the flight tomorrow and then call it a day.

About the images:
1 & 2. Night views of the B&B in Pitlochry.

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