Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 2 YORK

A five-hour nap. It is the most sleep I have had at one time in five days. While reading my brochure I noticed a Thai restaurant that will work for me that is a short walk. I head out.
The choice of York as a stopping point was not done on a whim. It is less than an hour by train to Durham. I have been here before, with my mother on our tour of the UK back in 2000. As I have been here, and seen the best sites, I will not feel obligated to rush around. The plan was to allow me the time necessary to acclimate to the time change and being in country, see things if I wanted or not. At this point, it looks like a stroke of pure genius.
As I walk to the restaurant I am struck by something odd. The city center is designed for tourists. Lots of pedestrian friendly streets, shopping and restaurants. It is a Friday night but the streets are oddly quiet. Where is everybody? As I walk by pubs and restaurants I look in and see that nothing is remotely close to being busy.
I find my restaurant. I have fun with my waitress, taking four separate tries to order a lemon wedge for my water. I devour the tofu in the dish. It is the first meal I have come close to finishing in five days.
As I walk back to the hotel I again struck by the odd lack of people on the streets. Occasion I pass a bar where a few people are milling about outside, smoking. At one, a group of youngish women come tumbling out, saying their good nights. Looks like girls night out. All the pubs have bouncers, which is common in the UK these days. Due to my state, I fail to notice one key difference.
Back to the hotel and to bed. Another night a fitful sleeping, sometimes waking up soaked in sweat. Still not good, but getting better.

About the images:
1. Crowd outside the Evil Eye.
2. Detail of the outside of York minster at night.

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