Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday, July 16

The wind was blowing hard all night and is still at it this morning. At breakfast we discuss which is harder to work in - rain or high winds. The wind wins.
On the bus, we are maybe 30 today, the smallest group yet.
Back into the Land of Mystery. Everyone around me has now found the larger stones we have been looking for – everyone but me. Perhaps my spot is an entrance to whatever the structure is we have begun to uncover.

Again just before lunch I come up with an unusual find. This time it is a white piece of pottery. Everything I have found to date has been orange or black so I’m puzzled by this piece. It is explained to me that this type of pottery was usually a large bowl with a rough interior surface so you could grind up spices and whatnot for food.
After lunch we sit with Michael Shanks and discuss the other project I want to work on – documenting The Living Project or Archeology in Action. There are about a dozen of us who have been taking photographs of the work in progress and we discuss ways of capturing the work and showing it.
Late in the afternoon the weather begins to clear and the winds die down. Just in time too, as tonight is the football match between the field people and the academics at the University. The Stanford folks join both teams and much running around and kicking of the ball occurs. A few of the Americans try their hand at cricket and roundball – (an affront to the sport of baseball). I pass on the running around (must Pace Myself) and take lots of pictures. Pints are consumed and a go is made at B-B-Q.
One of the Durham folks tells us about some live music occurring nearby tonight. It turns out to be four doors down from my house, so off I go, in self-defense, if nothing else. Folks from the group wander in and out, most like me not carrying for the band which is trying its best to sound like Tom Waits, a sound best not recreated. A pub-crawl ensues but after some time spent in one place with LOUD thumpy-thumpy music I call it a night.

About the images:
1. Michael at work.
2. A lot of paperwork.
3. Even paperwork can draw a laugh.
4. Stone drawings.
5. Tools of the trade.
6. It takes a lot of institutions to make a dig like this happen: Durham University, Stanford University, Durham County Council, the Church (the landowners), English Heritage and Archeological Services of Durham University.

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